Through My Students’ Eyes Review

Through my Students’ Eyes: by Cheryl Oakes         

Reviewed on August 20, 2009

A. The main idea of this article is to show what it is like learning using technology through student’s eyes. It shows how much fun and interesting using computers and technology can be if used in the classroom as a learning resource.

B. 1. Before you even read the article they tell you to read it through the lenses of a student. 2. The entire article shows you how students can learn technology slowly. They can learn one program really good a year and then progress to something else a little more challenging. 3. At the end of the article you truly get a sense of how older students feel about teachers that are not using technology in their classrooms.

C. This article makes me sad and feels bad about not using enough technology in my classroom. I always though my students enjoyed working with technology but I guess I never took the time to truly think about their feelings and how they felt while they were learning. I am definitely going to use more technology in my classroom this year and allow my students to take charge in the technology world in my classroom. They can become the teacher and will I be the students. I know they can teach me a couple of new things about technology.

D. The only bias I saw in this article was it only shows the upsides of technology. It never showed any of its flaws or the problems it can cause or that can occur with it.


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