“What Did You Create Today?”

What Did You Create Today by Will Richardson


Reviewed on September 11, 2009

1. This blog written by Will Richardson focuses on the importance of making everyday at school more than just content. Students needs to try and get the most out of school they can. They need to get more inspired to want to make change in the world and help everyone. Mr. Richardson feels that students need to want to discuss their days because they have enjoyed learning. Mr. Richardson writes from his hearth his thoughts and hopes that his children’s experiences at their new school will be more than what they experienced last year. Mr. Richardson feels that schools today have gotten into the same routine of homework and state testing scores. Are these really the things that matter or is there more to school that just what you learn that’s content material. Mr. Richardson hopes that his children have an impact on others in an positive and civic way.

2. 1. School was something that rarely sparked a conversation about learning.

     2. What I’m most hopeful for, however, is that their stories about school will change.

     3. To that end, I’ve been coming up with a mental list of the types of questions I’m hoping they might answer:

What did you make today that was meaningful?

What did you learn about the world?

Who are you working with?

What surprised you?

3. I personally agree with what Mr. Richardson is saying about our schools. I have been saying it the whole time but no one was listening. Students learn so much more than just content knowledge everyday at school. We as teachers are modeling good civic responsibility and need to help our students learn more civic responsibility. We don’t grade our students on what kind of impact they may have had on another student, but we grade them with numbers that label them for the rest of their lifes. I really liked the questions from the article and hope to use some of them during my community circle time at school. I would really enjoy hearing what my students done today, how they helped someone, and what’s something they learned. I don’t think we let our students do enough talking to express themselves. My hope is to allow my students to talk more and hear what they have to say.

4. I did not find any bias in this article.  I agree with all of the comments and opinions of Mr. Richardson.


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