Me? Obsessed?

The Strength of Weak Ties: Me? Obsessed? by David Jakes

Reviewed on September 26, 2009

A. Since 1977 when the author David Jake graduated  high school he says that he hasn’t seen very much change inside the classroom and he is now a biology teacher. Mr. Jake believes that today’s schools need a face lift to help our new generation of learners. We have the technology so let’s use it inside the schools. Mr. Jake states that he would like to see the space become more conducive to learning. A type of learning space that allows for flexibility. Students would have more comfortable furniture, common areas where students can use their electronic devices with a wireless network, and more large spaces where students and teachers can do some informal learning.  Today’s classrooms need to change to meet the needs of this new generation of learners with a more relaxed environment.

B.  1. It is also my belief that the concept of learning space is one of the most neglected concepts of school design.

      2. I’ll be focusing my passion for developing learning spaces on:

Flexible spaces that can be reconfigured to meet the need of the learners. One size fits all needs to go away. Non-traditional spaces, such as commons areas, where students can take advantage of their electronic devices and our open wireless network. Private student spaces where collaboration can occur, spaces for quiet reflection and collaboration. Large open spaces in our library where kids and teachers can push and pull different resources to design their own space, given the immediate need. Digital spaces where teachers can work, where students can interact, that support the physical space and extend it, to help students master the complex skills of connecting, creating, and learning in a digital context. Opportunities for the support of informal learning, that enable students to pursue their interests, their own learning, but within the context of the traditional learning space, i.e. schools and supported by adults.

    3. “Space can have a powerful impact on learning; we cannot overlook space in our attempts to accomplish goals” (Chism, 2006)

C. I totally agree with everything that David Jake says. My school district does a program called CCC that involves us making our classroom more inviting for the students. We have to have curtains, rugs, lamps, fragrances, and etc. I can see firsthand that this kind of environment really helps the students relax because it helps me relax more. I love the ideas that David Jake has about more up to date technology uses within the school systems, but I think it may be awhile before some schools every get anything like that because of the cost. With the budget cuts in place. I really wish I could replace my old hard desks with some more comfortable furniture.

D. I did not see any bias or faulty reasoning in this article. The author uses factual information and personal experience in the article.


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